Review of Ilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Life Group is an OEM or ODM manufacturer that’s based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Even if the company started more than a decade ago, it evolved rapidly from making mobile devices to some electronics like robot vacuum cleaners. At present, iLife owns top five brand in China known as Chuwi, which is the reason why their products are sold under this brand. Nowadays, iLife offers a variety of mobile robot vacuum cleaners that are suited for your needs. But, what makes iLife robot vacuum cleaners the best in the market?


Battery is considered as one of the most essential parts of a robot vacuum cleaner. All robot vacuum cleaners of iLife are using the same Li-Ion battery with a 2600 mAh capacity. Although some companies have plans on investing in battery technology, the current batteries used on iLife vacuum cleaners are reliable and powerful.

Navigation Algorithms and Sensors

Since iLife robot vacuum cleaners do not come with fancy laser sensors and ceiling cameras, they cannot store and build a map of the environment where they operate. That is they could only act based on the real-time decision process. For instance, once they encounter an obstacle, they’ll choose the necessary avoidance maneuvers and would continue operating in the environment. If they encounter the same obstacle, having same dynamic parameters, they’ll compute the entire path planning process. For this reason, iLife robot vacuum cleaners navigate randomly.


Every robot vacuum cleaner from iLife comes with one year warranty. You’re probably wondering on how you can benefit from the warranty if its producer is based in China. The truth is that you need to purchase such units from certified online wholesaler. By law, it’s the company whom you’ll address once you end up with faulty units. In most cases, such companies try either maintain or make a good name for businesses. For this reason, you’ll most likely get the service who which you have paid.


Every iLife robot vacuum cleaners are more silent compared to their counterparts. The noise produced by these units is proportional directly with the vacuum pump’s power. The more suction your robot vacuum cleaner has, the noisier it’ll be. This is the reason why iLife vacuums produce high sound, yet they are also powerful. You may schedule all these robot vacuum cleaners to work while you are away.


A lot of people consider price as their main priority because not all have the budget to buy robotic vacuum cleaners and most of these models are costly. With iLife robot vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to worry about the price too much because these are affordable and made from quality materials. So, if you’re on a tight budget and you need a robot vacuum cleaner, iLife products are the best options for you.


iLife robot vacuum cleaners may not be equipped with the technology that some high-end robot vacuum cleaners has. However, what makes them a must have is that they are made affordable and do their job. No matter what your cleaning needs are, iLife robot vacuum cleaners can be a good choice for everyone.

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