Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer

The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer with Foot Operated On-Off Switch is manufactured as per German engineering standards. It comes with a foot pedal for power, an 81 ounce clear, removable and refillable water tank, a built-in hangar with garment clips and a telescopic pole for easy height adjustments and storage.

It’s ‘tilt and roll’ feature is especially point-worthy as it provides for convenient mobility. The IS6200 steamer is easy to assemble and so powerful that it steams as efficiently as professionals.

Fast garment steaming

The Compact Valet needs just 60 seconds to heat up and is ready to use; perfect for making quick touch ups in a jiffy. It easily steams both your household garments and furnishings without the need of any ironing board. It is perfect for removing wrinkles from all types of fabric and for making final touch-ups.

Extra large removable water tank 

The IS6200 comes with an extra large water tank which when full, provides for 45 to 60 minutes of continuous steam for longer clothes steaming sessions. As its removable, filling and emptying the tank with tap water is a cinch.

Easy mobility

The ‘tilt and roll’ feature of this steamer derives its inspiration from the suitcase, to easily tilt and roll the steamer from one place to another. This design also makes it compact and convenient to store.


The IS6200 comes with a soft touch, stay cool handle and insulated fabric hose for comfortable steaming and to prevent possible burns. Besides the fabric hose, the steamer comes with a fabric brush, built-in hanger with two clips and hook to hang your clothes while steaming, a crease tool and a lint pad.

Easy to use

Operating the steamer is so easy with its foot operated on/off switch with a light indicator. It’s large wheels provide for easy transport while it’s telescopic pole helps make height adjustments as necessary.

Saves time

The Rowenta needs only 60 seconds to heat up and produce steam, where you steam your clothes without spending time setting up an ironing board. With a steamer at home, there’s no need of spending time and money at the dry cleaners. It’s in fact safer than dry cleaning as there’s no need of using additives to refresh garments.


  • Extra large water tank provides for an hour of continuous steaming
  • Can easily fill and empty removable water tank
  • Built-in hanger and clips help hold clothes in position while steaming
  • Telescopic pole can be adjusted as needed and pushed down while storing
  • Safe and comfortable steaming with flexible fabric hose, large steam head and insulated handle
  • Needs only a minute to start steaming


  • Consumes lots of electricity
  • Built-in hanger doesn’t rotate making it difficult to turn clothes around
  • Attachments can’t be stored with steamer
  • Difficult steaming curtains and moving around to steam as power cord is short
  • Stiff hose makes steaming difficult
  • The steam head hook is in the middle of built-in hanger, making removing and placing clothes on hanger while steaming difficult

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